The English Panel aims at establishing appropriate mechanism as well as conditions in which students can be helped to acquire and practise the four basic language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to fulfill the following domains of use:

  • facilitating their academic studies in formal secondary education, tertiary education and continuing education; at the same time, meeting the official requirements of English Language in the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination.
  • competing successfully in their future employment that requires employees to have mastered basic functional competence in English language
  • obtaining effective communication in local everyday situations and the world outside Hong Kong
  • mastering the English language at the basic levels to obtain pleasure and entertainment through language arts and non-language arts materials
  • extending knowledge and experience of other cultures and developing oneself personally and intellectually


      • Inter-house Dictation Competition
      • Inter-house Composition Competition
      • Joining the Hong Kong Speech Festival
      • Joining the ‘Puppetry on Stage’ Competition
      • Joining the Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival
      • Extensive Reading Schemes
      • Home Reading Award Scheme
      • Read and Win Award Scheme
      • Life-wide learning activities
      • English Ambassador Programme
      • Thursday English Assembly
      • English Club activities
      • Language games and activities at the English Zone
      • English Week



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Mr. Wong

Mr. Butt

Ms. To

Ms. Cheung

Mr. Li

Ms. Lui

Ms. Chow

Mr. Lam

Ms. Yu